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Gerald Raunig, A Thousand Machines: A Concise Philosophy of the Machine as Social Movement Evan Calder Williams

Jean-Luc Nancy, Identité: Fragments, franchises David Nowell Smith

Robert B. Pippin, Hegel’s Practical Philosophy: Rational Agency as Ethical Life Timothy Hall

Nick Nesbitt, Universal Emancipation: The Haitian Revolution and the Radical Enlightenment Andrew Leak

Sara Ahmed, The Promise …

Playing the code

Allegories of control in Civilization

by / RP 128 (Nov/Dec 2004) / Article

With the progressive arrival of new media over the last century or so there appears a sort of lag time, call it the ‘thirty-year rule’, starting from the invention of a medium and ending at its ascent to proper and widespread functioning in culture at large. This can be said of film, from its birth …