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Contributor Archive: Antonio Negri

From the end of national Lefts to subversive movements for Europe

Dossier: The Greek Symptom: Debt, Crisis and the Crisis of the Left

by / RP 181 (Sept/Oct 2013) / Article, Dossier, The Greek Symptom

When we speak of the globalization of markets we also speak of a limitation imposed on the sovereignty of nation-states. In Western Europe, the essential error of national left-wing movements and parties [des gauches nationales] has been their failure to understand that globalization is an irreversible phenomenon.

Up until the fall of the Soviet Union, …

Symposium on Keynes

No New Deal Is Possible, Keynesianism Constrained, The Politics of the Long Run
by , and / RP 155 (May/Jun 2009) / Commentary

No New Deal Is Possible Antonio Negri

Keynesianism Constrained Jim Tomlinson

The Politics of the Long Run Yutaka Nagahara

On Rem Koolhaas

by / RP 154 (Mar/Apr 2009) / Article


Dossier: Art and Immaterial Labour

by / RP 149 (May/Jun 2008) / Art and Immaterial Labour, Article, Dossier

Antonio Negri and Danilo Zolo

Empire and the multitude: A dialogue on the new order of globalization

by and / RP 120 (Jul/Aug 2003) / Interview

Danilo Zolo For a long time I resisted the calls, from many quarters, to publicly debate Empire, the book you co-authored with Michael Hardt, which has prompted a debate of exceptional scope and intensity on both sides of the Atlantic. I was inhibited by a sense of impotence before such a complex, ambitious and extensive …