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Contributor Archive: Bob Carter

120 Reviews

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Beatrice Hanssen and Andrew Benjamin, eds, Walter Benjamin and Romanticism Helga Geyer-Ryan et al., eds, Benjamin Studies, Volume 1: Perception and Experience in Modernity Michael Löwy and Robert Sayre, Romanticism against the Tide of Modernity Walter Benjamin, Selected Writings, Volume 3: 1935–1938 Nickolas Lambrianou

Fredric Jameson, A Singular Modernity: Essay on the Ontology of the …

111 Reviews

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Slavoj Zizek, Did Somebody Say Totalitarianism? Four Interventions in the (Mis)use of a Notion Kit Barton

Andrew Barry, Political Machines: Governing a Technological Society Caroline Bassett

Bob Carter, Realism and Racism: Concepts of Race in Sociological Research Phillip Cole

Phillip Cole, Philosophies of Exclusion: Liberal Political Theory and Immigration Bob Carter

Karl Ameriks, Kant and …

Out of Africa

Philosophy, ‘race’ and agency
by / RP 089 (May/Jun 1998) / Article