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by / RP 183 (Jan/Feb 2014) / Commentary

One must remember that mathematics, like death, never makes mistakes, never plays tricks. If we are unable to see those irrational curves or solids, it means only that they inevitably possess a whole immense world somewhere beneath the surface of our life.

– Yevgeny Zamyatin, We

The settings alone brush perilously close to fiction: a …

Chris Marker, 1921–2012

Future anterior
by / RP 176 (Nov/Dec 2012) / Obituary

Should we start with the death in Paris, on 29 July 2012, at the age of 91? Or with the birth, on the same day in 1921 in Ulan Bator (or Belleville, or Neuillysur- Seine, depending on who you ask)? We could start, perhaps, with the names, like a proper obituary or a …

The walled city

Cannot one dream of a ‘computer hypothesis’?
by / RP 175 (Sep/Oct 2012) / Article

This essay is in many ways a companion piece to Gary Hall’s ‘Pirate Radical Philosophy’ in RP 173 (May/June 2012). Consider it a prequel, or something akin to a video game’s expansion pack, extending and elaborating on the original’s materials. It is a story of the spatial history of escape routes, secret countries, …


WikiLeaks and the Assange papers
by / RP 166 (Mar/Apr 2011) / Commentary

Years ago, Julian Assange considered solutions for an unusual problem, the kind of thing cryptographers discuss: how can you make sure a message only becomes readable at a certain time, not before, such that no human frailty or mechanical error interferes with the schedule? He came up with three answers, which display his knack for …

Roar so wildly

Spam, technology and language
by / RP 164 (Nov/Dec 2010) / Commentary

The machines in the shop roar so wildly that often I forget in the roar that I am; I am lost in the terrible tumult, my ego disappears, I am a machine. I work, and work, and work with- out end; I am busy, and busy, and busy at all time. For what? and for …