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Contributor Archive: Gregoire Chamayou

Oceanic enemy

A brief philosophical history of the NSA
by / RP 191 (May/Jun 2015) / Commentary, Data & Surveillance

6 July 1962, NAVFAC base, Barbados.

A grey building stands at the foot of a stone lighthouse overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Inside, a military serviceman is examining the lines being recorded on an enormous roll of paper by the stylus of a sort of gigantic electrocardiogram. We are in one of the secret bases of …

The manhunt doctrine

by / RP 169 (Sep/Oct 2011) / Commentary

George W. Bush had warned us early on: the United States has launched itself into a new kind of war, a ‘war that requires us to be on an international manhunt’.1 It would be wrong to believe that Barack Obama’s ‘justice has been done’, echoing Bush nearly ten years later, will close what …