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Contributor Archive: Jacques Rancière

The radical gap

A preface to Auguste Blanqui, Eternity by the Stars
Dossier: Blanqui's Eternal Gap

by / RP 185 (May/Jun 2014) / Article, Blanqui's Eternal Gap, Dossier

I leaf through the programme and learn that the very stars themselves – which, I am firmly convinced, should be but rarely disturbed, and even then only for high reasons of meditative gravity … – the very stars are present! [1]

Mallarmé penned these ironic lines about a ballet performance …

A precarious dialogue

Dossier: The Greek Symptom: Debt, Crisis and the Crisis of the Left

by and / RP 181 (Sept/Oct 2013) / Dossier, Interview, The Greek Symptom

Maria Kakogianni    It seems to me that we are in an intermediary situation today. The period of the great renunciation of the revolutionary past, and of the ‘end of History’, seems to be giving way to a new sequence of popular struggles (the Arab Spring, Los Indignados, Occupy Wall Street, etc.). But, within this new sequence, …