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Contributor Archive: Martijn Boven

176 Reviews

Books Reviewed:

Benoît Peeters, Derrida: A Biography

Simon Critchley, The Faith of the Faithless: Experiments in Political Theology

Claudia Aradau and Rens Van Munster, Politics of Catastrophe: Genealogies of the Unknown
Stuart Price, Worst Case Scenario? Governance, Mediation and the Security Regime

Martin Breaugh, L’Expérience Plébéienne

Tina Chanter, Whose Antigone? The Tragic Marginalization of Slavery

Stella Sandford, Plato and Sex

Alain Badiou, with Nicolas Truong, In Praise of Love

Yehoshua Yakhot, The Suppression of Philosophy in the USSR: The 1920s & 1930s

Jay Lampert, Simultaneity and Delay: A Dialectical Theory of Staggered Time

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174 Reviews

Books Reviewed:

Walter Benjamin, Early Writings, 1910–1917

Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer, Towards a New Manifesto

Bernard Stiegler, The Decadence of Industrial Democracies

Miguel Abensour, Democracy against the State: Marx and the Machiavellian Moment

Erika Cudworth and Stephen Hobden, Posthuman International Relations: Complexity, Ecologism and Global Politics

Alison Stone, Feminism, Psychoanalysis, and Maternal Subjectivity

Catherine Malabou, Changing Difference: The Feminine and the Question of Philosophy

Nadir Lahiji, ed., The Political Unconscious of Architecture: Re-opening Jameson’s Narrative

Gillian Howie, Between Feminism and Materialism: A Question of Method

Martin Woessner, Heidegger in America

Chris Danta, Literature Suspends Death: Sacrifice and Storytelling in Kierkegaard, Kafka and Blanchot

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