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Contributor Archive: Martina Tazzioli

The politics of counting and the scene of rescue

Border deaths in the Mediterranean
by / RP 192 (July/Aug 2015) / Commentary

Border deaths are not a new phenomenon. Since the early 2000s, the Mediterranean Sea has been named a ‘maritime cemetery’ by activists [1] and critical migration scholars. However, over the last two years migrant deaths at the borders have gained more and more attention in the media and EU political debate …

‘People not of our concern’

by / RP 184 (Mar/Apr 2014) / Commentary

‘We stay here and we don’t move.’ This is the refrain in the Choucha refugee camp among those who have been stranded there, in the desert, since 2011. ‘Rejected’ and ‘non-resettled refugees’ are the categories through which these migrant stories have been sorted. They are also the terms that determine the UN Refugee Agency’s (UNHCR) …