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Contributor Archive: Meyda Yeğenoğlu

Smells like Gezi spirit

Democratic sensibilities and carnivalesque politics in Turkey

by / RP 182 (Nov/Dec 2013) / Commentary

A small protest in Istanbul, which began by aiming to protect the urban greenery, was rapidly turned into a full-blown nationwide resistance. The protests should be regarded as the most important outcry of the Turkish people since the 1980 coup, and herald a new period in the history of Turkey. But it would be …

The sacralization of secularism in Turkey

by / RP 145 (Sep/Oct 2007) / Commentary

Religion is back in Turkey! This is the prevalent secular fear, anxiety and apprehension that finds various expressions in the social, cultural and political context of today’s Turkey. But where has religion been all this time, to warrant the allegation that it is ‘coming back’? Why is the return of the religious deemed so dangerous? …