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Contributor Archive: Philippe Van Haute

Freud against Oedipus?

by / RP 188 (Nov/Dec 2014) / Article

There is a popular story, even among scholars, that tells us that Freudian psychoanalysis was founded at the very moment that Freud wrote to Fliess (in 1897) that he no longer believed in his Neurotica: ‘Ich glaube an meine Neurotica nicht mehr.’ [1] This story reads this declaration as follows: I …

The introduction of the Oedipus Complex and the reinvention of instinct

Freud’s Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality

by / RP 115 (Sep/Oct 2002) / Article

Philippe Van Haute traces the evolution of the relation between ‘normality’ and pathology in Freud’s additions to Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality.

Fatal Attraction

Jean Laplanche on sexuality, subjectivity and singularity in the work of Sigmund Freud
by / RP 073 (Sep/Oct 1995) / Article