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Contributor Archive: Svetlana Stephenson

The poetry and prose of the Russian elections

by / RP 173 (May/Jun 2012) / Commentary

Between 10 December 2011, the day of the first mass protest against fraud in the recently held Russian parliamentary elections, and 4 March 2012, the day of the presidential vote, Moscow was a transformed place. The suffocating atmosphere of Putin’s rule was disturbed as if by a sudden breath of fresh air. People …

Down to earth

Detemporalization in capitalist Russia
by and / RP 159 (Jan/Feb 2010) / Article

As part of RP 159’s dossier on ‘The Postcommunist Condition’, Svetlana Stephenson and Elena Danilova consider The Exhibition of the Achievements of the National Economy in relation to the changes within Russia since the start of market transition.