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‘The journalists of Jyllands-Posten are a bunch of reactionary provocateurs’

The Danish cartoon controversy and the self-image of Europe
by / RP 137 (May/Jun 2006) / Commentary

Why did the banlieues burn?

by / RP 136 (Mar/Apr 2006) / Commentary

England, whose England?

by / RP 134 (Nov/Dec 2005) / Commentary

A salutary shock for bien pensant Europe

by / RP 133 (Sep/Oct 2005) / Commentary

To judge the significance of the French and Dutch rejections of the so-called EU Constitution, we need some assessment of what the nature of the current EU project actually is. Mainstream academic answers to this question take for granted two ideas about the EU: first, that there has been a basic continuity of the EU …

Quite the opposite

The EU crisis and the Left
by / RP 133 (Sep/Oct 2005) / Commentary

The dominant message of the French ʻNoʼ campaign in the recent referendum on the EU was opposition to an Anglo-Saxon neoliberal Europe, and the Left played a key role in mobilizing a popular movement in towns and villages across France. The Dutch Socialist Party was less dominant in the negative vote in Netherlands, but it …

Philosophizing post-punk

by / RP 132 (Jul/Aug 2005) / Commentary

You let her into the house? Reflections on the politics of aid in Africa

by / RP 131 (May/Jun 2005) / Commentary

Unborn mothers

The old rhetoric of new reproductive technologies
by / RP 130 (Mar/Apr 2005) / Commentary

Patriotism as paranoia

Steve Kurtz and the Critical Art Ensemble
by / RP 129 (Jan/Feb 2005) / Commentary

It’s not the culture, stupid

Interpreting the US election
by / RP 129 (Jan/Feb 2005) / Commentary

Elections first and foremost decide governments, but they are also conjunctures when political forces are organized and realigned. The very act of mobilizing activists or energizing groups within the franchise can have long-term effects, and in the course of a campaign ideologies that have been kicking around for years may find themselves worked into new …

Making another world possible?

The European Social Forum
by / RP 128 (Nov/Dec 2004) / Commentary

Fast train coming

The political pedagogy of Fahrenheit 9/11
by / RP 128 (Nov/Dec 2004) / Commentary

After Iraq

Vulnerable imperial stasis
by / RP 127 (Sep/Oct 2004) / Commentary

Geographies of violence and democracy

Politics in Spain
by / RP 126 (Jul/Aug 2004) / Commentary

Academic boycott as international solidarity: The academic boycott of Israel; Not so simple: Reflections on the academic boycott of Israel

by , and / RP 125 (May/Jun 2004) / Commentary

The hijab and the Republic

Headscarves in France
by / RP 125 (May/Jun 2004) / Commentary

Remembering Adorno

by / RP 124 (Mar/Apr 2004) / Commentary

Fixing meaning

Intertextuality, inference and the horizon of the publishable
by / RP 124 (Mar/Apr 2004) / Commentary

Anti-Oedipus – thirty years on

by / RP 124 (Mar/Apr 2004) / Commentary

Debating Ground Zero

Architects, planners, ideas
by / RP 124 (Mar/Apr 2004) / Commentary