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David Macey, 1949-2011

Biographer of the French intellectual Left
by and / RP 171 (Jan/Feb 2012) / Obituary

David Macey died from complications of lung cancer on 7 October. He embodied the paradox of being a fine public intellectual while remaining an intenselyprivate person. He was one of the best intellectual historians of his generation and added appreciably to scholarly knowledge, yet did his most significant work as a freelance writer …

Margaret Whitford, 1947–2011

by / RP 170 (Nov/Dec 2011) / Obituary

‘It is difficult to convey the desert which faced women philosophers in Britain in the early 1980s’, Margaret Whitford once remarked. It was a desert that Margaret’s own work was pivotal in modifying. At a time when feminism was flourishing outside the academy, philosophy seemed especially immune from its influence; both in terms …

Sara Ruddick, 1935–2011

A Mother's Thought
by / RP 167 (May/Jun 2011) / Obituary

‘I speak about a mother’s thought’ wrote Sara Ruddick, the feminist philosopher who has died in New York at the age of 76. Along with Adrienne Rich, Ruddick was probably the most important philosophical thinker to address the issue of mothering and motherhood since second-wave feminism, and in a similar …

Captain Beefheart, 1941–2010

Vorticist Artist
by / RP 166 (Mar/Apr 2011) / Obituary

Ben Watson assesses Beefheart’s work as a protest against those who profit from the very separation of elite and mass music.

Colin Ward, 1924–2010

The incremental anarchist
by / RP 161 (May/Jun 2010) / Obituary

Colin Ward, who died on 11 February 2010, was the leading anarchist thinker and writer of postwar Britain. Ward’s anarchism was at once constructive, creative and immensely practical. It drew critical but sympathetic attention from many outside the anarchist movement, and arguably it still holds lessons for contemporary radical thought.

Claude Lévi-Strauss, 1908–2009

A Lévi-Straussian century
by / RP 160 (Mar/Apr 2010) / Obituary

Patrice Maniglier argues that if the next century might be one day be recognized as Deleuzian or Badiouian, it won’t be so without us first realizing that the one that has just ended was Lévi-Straussian.

J.G. Ballard, 1930–2009

by / RP 156 (Jul/Aug 2009) / Obituary

André Gorz, 1923–2007

by / RP 148 (Mar/Apr 2008) / Obituary

Joseph McCarney, 1941–2007

by / RP 146 (Nov/Dec 2007) / Obituary

Richard Rorty, 1931–2007

by / RP 146 (Nov/Dec 2007) / Obituary

Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe, 1940–2007

by / RP 144 (Jul/Aug 2007) / Obituary

Jean Baudrillard, 1929–2007

by and / RP 144 (Jul/Aug 2007) / Obituary

Alternative ideals

Iris Marion Young, 1949–2006
by / RP 140 (Nov/Dec 2006) / Obituary

She entered the room with a smile, putting me at ease at once. I had emailed to request an interview for the Womenʼs Philosophy Review. She had agreed, and we set up the meeting while she was visiting the University of Bath in 1999. All was recorded, all transcribed; the result was published unedited, including …

Paul Ricoeur, 1913–2005

by / RP 133 (Sep/Oct 2005) / Obituary

Wolfe Mays, 1912–2005

by / RP 131 (May/Jun 2005) / Obituary

Susan Sontag, 1933–2004

by / RP 131 (May/Jun 2005) / Obituary

Jacques Derrida, 1930–2004

by , , , , and / RP 129 (Jan/Feb 2005) / Obituary

In an interview with Le Monde published a couple of months before his death at the age of 74 from pancreatic cancer on Friday 9 October 2004, Jacques Derrida confirmed what many already knew, that he was ʻdangerously illʼ, ʻat war against myselfʼ. If questions of ʻsurvivalʼ had always ʻhauntedʼ him, this, he said, took …

Richard Wollheim, 1923–2003

by / RP 124 (Mar/Apr 2004) / Obituary

Edward Said, 1935–2003

by / RP 123 (Jan/Feb 2004) / Obituary

Maurice Blanchot, 1907–2003

by / RP 120 (Jul/Aug 2003) / Obituary