RP 175 (Sep/Oct 2012)

In this issue:

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    – Radical Philosophy

    Commentary: Euro-Keynesianism?
    The financial crisis in Europe
    – Engelbert Stockhammer

    Article: The walled city
    Cannot one dream of a ‘computer hypothesis’?
    – Finn Brunton

    Article: Thought of the outside
    Foucault contra Agamben
    – Marie-Christine Leps

    Article: Fabrication defect
    Fabrication defect: François Laruelle’s philosophical materials
    – Andrew McGettigan

    Interview: Claire Fontaine
    Giving shape to painful things
    – Claire Fontaine, Andrew Culp and Ricky Crano

    Reviews: 175 ReviewsBooks Reviewed:

    Malcolm Bull, Anti-Nietzsche

    Hasana Sharp, Spinoza and the Politics of Renaturalization

    Daniel Loick, Kritik der Souveränität

    Mick Smith, Against Ecological Sovereignty: Ethics, Biopolitics, and Saving the Natural World

    Mark Neocleous and George S. Rigakos, eds, Anti-Security

    Kathi Weeks, The Problem with Work: Feminism, Marxism, Antiwork Politics, and Postwork Imaginaries

    Matt Ffytche, The Foundation of the Unconscious: Schelling, Freud and the Birth of the Modern Psyche

    Keston Sutherland, Stupefaction: A Radical Anatomy of Phantoms

    Steven Connor, A Philosophy of Sport

    – Keith Ansell-Pearson, Beth Lord, Eva von Redecker, Jordan Kinder, Luis A. Fernandez, Victoria Browne, Tom Eyers, Ross Wilson and Martin Ryle