RP 177 (Jan/Feb 2013)

In this issue:

    Contents: 177 Contents Page
    – Radical Philosophy

    Commentary: What the frack?
    Combustible water and other late capitalist novelties
    – Imre Szeman

    Article: The Two Names of Communism
    – John Roberts

    Article: More than everything
    Žižek's Badiouian Hegel
    – Peter Osborne

    Article: Strategies of distinction
    Rancière's Aisthesis and the two regimes of art
    – Nicolas Vieillescazes

    Reviews: 177 ReviewsBooks Reviewed:

    Tiqqun, Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl

    Bruno Bosteels, Marx and Freud in Latin America: Politics, Psychoanalysis and Religion in Times of Terror

    Eden Medina, Cybernetic Revolutionaries: Technology and Politics in Allende's Chile

    Catherine Malabou, The New Wounded: From Neurosis to Brain Damage

    Catherine Malabou, Ontology of the Accident: An Essay on Destructive Plasticity

    Frank Ruda, Hegel's Rabble: An Investigation into Hegel's 'Philosophy of Right'

    Kari Weil, Thinking Animals: Why Animal Studies Now?

    Samantha Hum, Humans and Other Animals: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Human-Animal Interactions

    Albert Atkin, The Philosophy of Race

    George Yancy, Look, a White! Philosophical Essays on Whiteness

    Ash Amin, Land of Strangers

    Lisa Siraganian, Modernism's Other Work: The Art Object's Political Life

    Alex Loftus, Everyday Environmentalism: Creating an Urban Political Ecology

    – Nina Power, Philip Derbyshire, Jon Goodbun, Jason E. Smith, Chris Wilbert, Shannon W. Sullivan, Todd Cronan, Nik Heynen, Hannah Proctor and Kostas Maronitis

    Obituary: John Mepham, 1938–2012
    An English Marxist
    – Kate Soper

    Obituary: Neil Smith, 1954-2012
    – Nik Heynen