RP 180 (July/Aug 2013)

In this issue:

    Contents: 180 Contents Page
    – Radical Philosophy

    Commentary: Aló Presidente
    – Martin Marinos

    Article: Here comes the new
    Deadwood and the historiography of capitalism
    – David Cunningham

    Article: Politics in a Tragic Key
    – Alberto Toscano

    Article: Time of Debt
    On the Nietzschean origins of Lazzarato’s indebted man
    – Simon Morgan Wortham

    Reviews: 180 Reviews

    Yvonne Sherratt, Hitler’s Philosophers

    Sally Alexander and Barbara Taylor, eds., History and Psyche: Culture, Psychoanalysis, and the Past

    David Joselit, After Art

    Christoph Menke, Force: A Fundamental Concept of Aesthetic Anthropology

    Robert Sinnerbrink, New Philosophies of Film: Thinking Images

    David Webb, Foucault’s Archaeology: Science and Transformation

    Michel Serres, Biogea & Variations on the Body

    Laurence Paul Hemming, Heidegger and Marx: A Productive Dialogue over the Language of Humanism

    Carl Cederström and Peter Fleming, Dead Man Working

    – Esther Leslie, Lynne Segal, Todd Cronan, Tom Eyers, Christopher Ruth, Douglas Spencer, Yaiza Maria Hernandez Velazquez, Garin V. Dowd and Ron Broglio

    Obituary: Gillian Howie, 1965-2013
    – J'annine Jobling