115 Reviews

John Holloway, Change the World Without Taking Power
Steve Wright, Storming Heaven: Class Composition and Struggle in Italian Autonomist Marxism
John Kraniauskas

Simon Critchley, On Humour
Terry Eagleton

Iris M. Young, Inclusion and Democracy
Monica Mookherjee

Mark Redland, Charles Taylor: Thinking and Living Deep Diversity
Nicholas H. Smith, Charles Taylor: Meaning Morals and Modernity
Iain MacKenzie

Arnold L. Davidson, The Emergence of Sexuality: Historical Epistemology and the Formation of Concepts
Mandy Merck

Richard Goldstein, The Attack Queers: Liberal Society and the Gay Right
Alan Sinfield

Peter Hallward, Absolutely Postcolonial: Writing between the Singular and the Specific
Françoise Vergès

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