27 Reviews

Anthony Skillen, Ruling Illusions: Philosophy and the Social Order
Joe McCarney

Georg Lukács, The Ontology of Social Being, Vol.1: Hegel, Vol.2: Marx
Lucien Goldmann, Lukacs and Heidegger: Towards a New Philosophy
Ian Craib

Georg Lukács, The Destruction of Reason
Martin Barker

S. Turkle, Psychoanalytic Politics: Freud’s French Revolution
Michael Erben

Peter Caws, Sartre
Mark Poster, Sartre’s Marxism
Sartre by Himself
David Archard

Hilary Putnam, Meaning and the Moral Sciences
Rob Withers

James Miller, History and Human Existence: From Marx to Merleau-Ponty
David Archard

William L. Reese, Dictionary of Philosophy and Religion
Christine Loveland

M. Morris and P. Patton, eds., Michel Foucault: Power, Truth, Strategy
John Krige

D. Silverman and B. Torode, The Material World
Peter Goodrich

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