33 Reviews

Kate Soper, On Human Needs
Martin Barker

Allen Wood, Karl Marx
William H. Shaw

A. Callinicos, Is There a Future for Marxism?
Howard Feather

Keith Graham, ed., Contemporary political Philosophy
Peter Vipond

J. Mepham and D. Ruben, eds., Issues in Marxist Philosophy, Vol. IV: Social and Political Philosophy
C. J. Arthur

Vincent Geoghegan, Reason and Eros: The Social Theory of Herbert Marcuse
Steve Crook

Barry Barnes, T. S. Kuhn and Social Science
Mike Shortland

Harry Cowen, The Crisis in Urban Planning: A Marxist Perspective of the Role of the Capitalist State
Allan Cochrane

Tom Bottomore, ed., Modern Interpretations of Marx
C.J. Arthur

T. Rockmore et al., Marxism and Alternatives
Howard Feather

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