41 Reviews

H. S. Harris, Hegel’s Development, Volume 11: Night Thoughts (Jena 1801-6)
Robert C. Solomon, In the Spirit of Hegel
M. J. Inwood, Hegel
Jonathan Rée

Susan J. Hekman, Max Weber and Contemporary Social Theory
Gianfranco Poggi, Calvinism and the Capitalist Spirit: Max Weber’s ‘Protestant Ethic’
Stephen P. Turner and Regis A. Factor, Max Weber and the Dispute Over Reason and Value
Steve Crooks

Nigel Blake and Kay Pole, eds., Dangers of Deterrence: philosophers on nuclear strategy
Nigel Blake and Kay Pole, eds., Objections to Nuclear Defence: philosophers on deterrence
Karl Jaspers, The Atom Bomb and the Future of Man
John Mepham

Adolf Grünbaum, The Foundations of Psychoanalysis: a philosophical critique
David Archard

David Archard, Consciousness and the Unconscious
David Macey

Barry Richards, ed., Capitalism and Infancy: Essays on Psychoanalysis and Politics
Sean Sayers

Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel, Creativity and Perversion
David Macey

A. Sayer, Method in Social Science: a realist approach
Paul A. Fox-Strangways

A. Cottrell, Social Classes in Marxist Theory
Paul Bagguley

Albert Weale, Political Theory and Social Policy
Gregory Claeys

T. Ball and J. Farr, eds., After Marx
Howard Feather

Margaret Jacob and James Jacob, eds., The Origins of Anglo-American Radicalism
Jan Golinski

Richard Kearney, Dialogues with Contemporary Continental Thinkers
Keith Pearson

Mikhail Bakhtin, Problems of Dostoevsky’s Poetics
John Kraniauskas

Vladimir Propp, Theory and History of Folklore
Martin Barker

Marcelln Pleynet, Painting and System
David Macey

Bertrand Russell, The Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell, Volume 7: Theory of Knowledge, The 1913 Manuscript
John Fauvel

Oavid Selbourne, Against Socialist Illusion: a radical argument
C. A. Wringem, Children’s Rights: A philosophical study
Tony Skillen

Karl R. Popper and John C. Eccles, The Self and its Brain
John C. Eccles, The Human Mystery: The Gifford Lectures, University of Edinburgh 1977-1978
Roger Smith

W. F. Whitehouse, A Realistic Conception of History
Cynthia Hay

M. Adereth, The French Communist Party: A Critical History (1920-1984). From Comintern to ‘The Colours of France’
David Macey

Teresa Rakowska-Harmstone, ed., Communism in Eastern Europe
Vincent Geoghegan

John Gray, Hayek on Liberty
Gregory Claeys

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