44 Reviews

Jonathan Rée, Proletarian Philosophers: Problems in Socialist Culture in Britain, 1900-1940
Peter Osborne

Sean Sayers, Reality and Reason: Dialectic and the Theory of Knowledge
Joseph McCarney

Marsball Blonsky, ed., On Signs: A Semiotics Reader
Stephen Heath

Anthony O’Hear, What Philosophy Is: An Introduction to Contemporary Philosophy
John R. Gibbins

Steven Lukes, Marxism and Morality
Sean Sayers

Charles Bernheimer and Claire Kahane, eds., In Dora’s Case: Freud, Hysteria, Feminism
Peregrine Horden, ed., Freud and the Humanities
Dave Archard

Anthony Arblaster, The Rise and Decline of Western Liberalism
Pete Morriss

R. G. Frey, Rights, Killing, and Suffering
S. R. L. Clark, The Moral Status of Animals
Mike Singleton

Gordon Graham, Politics in its Place
Andy Dobson

Jean-Paul Sartre, The Freud Scenario
Dave Archard

Sheila Jeffreys, The Spinster and Her Enemies: Feminism and Sexuality 1880-1930
Margaret Atack

Edward Timms and David Kelley, eds., Unreal city: Urban experience in modern European literature and art
Jan Golinski

James Schmidt, Maurice Merleau-Ponty: Between Phenomenology and Structuralism
Graham B. McBeath

Michael Tooley, Abortion and Infanticide
Richard Edwards

Eugene Lunn, Marxism and Modernism: an historical study of Lukács, Brecht, Benjamin and Adorno

Anne Wiltsher, Most Dangerous Women: Feminist Peace Campaigners of the Great War
Margaret Atack

Richard Schacht, Nietzsche
Jonathan Rée

Tony Judt, Marxism and the French Left: Studies on Labour and Politics in France
David Macey

Henry Staten, Wittgenstein and Derrida
David Macey

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