48 Reviews

Lynne Segal, Is the Future Female?
Alison Assiter

W. F. Haug, Critique of Commodity Aesthetics: Appearance, Sexuality and Advertising in Capitalist Society
Don Slater

Sexuality: A Reader, edited by Feminist Review
Margaret Atack

Walter Benjamin, Moscow Diary
Graham McCann

Paul A. Komesaroff, Objectivity, Science and Society
Howard Feather

Norman Geras, Literature of Revolution: Essays on Marxism
Alex Callinicos

Len Doyal and Roger Harris, Empiricism. Explanation and Rationality
Kathleen Lennon

Richard Lindley, Autonomy
John Tomlinson

Hélène Cixous and Catherine Clément, The Newly Born Woman
Margaret Atack

Alexander Nehamas, Nietzsche: Life as Literature
Jonathan Rée

Christopher J. Berry, Human Nature
Martin Barker

Christopher Caudwell, Scenes and Actions
Graham McCann

Edinburgh Review 74
J. R. R. Christle

Joseph S. Catalano, A Commentary on Jean-Paul Sartre’s ‘Critique of Dialectical Reason’, Volume 1: Theory of Practical Ensembles
Andy Dobson

David Oldroyd, The Arch of Knowledge, an Introductory Study of the History of the Philosophy and Methodology of Science
Howard Feather

G. W. F. Hegel, The Jena System, 1804-5: Logic and Metaphysics
Sean Sayers

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