51 Reviews

Gregory Elliott, Althusser: The Detour of Theory
Peter Osborne

R. Bhaskar, Scientific Realism and Human Emancipation
Paul Fox-Strangways

Jacques Lacan, The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book 1: Freud’s Papers on Technique 1953-1954, Book 2: The Ego in Freud’ s Theory and in the Technique of Psychoanalysis 1954-1955
David Macey

Peter Clark and Crispin Wright, eds., Mind, Psychoanalysis and Science
David Archard

Alasdair MacIntyre, Whose Justice? Which Rationality?
Roger Harris

James Bernauer and David Rasmussen, eds., The Final Foucault
Steve Redhead

Vincent Geoghegan, Utopianism and Marxism
John Kraniauskas

Austen Morgan, James Connolly: A Political Biography
James Connolly, Collected Works, Volume One
James Connolly, Selected Writings
Vincent Geoghegan

Julian Roberts, German Philosophy: an Introduction
Jonathan Rée

Robert J. Fogelin, Wittgenstein (Second Edition)
A. J. Ayer, Wittgenstein
Chris Lawn

Diego Gambetta, ed., Trust: Making and Breaking Cooperative Relations
Graham McCann

Michael Ruse, Homosexuality: A Philosophical Inquiry
John Fauvel

Patrick Murray, Marx’s Theory of Scientific Knowledge
Chris Arthur

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