61 Reviews

Bernard Harrison, Inconvenient Fictions: Literature and the Limits of Theory
Genevieve Lloyd

Len Doyal and lan Gough, A Theory of Human Need
Roger Harris

Gregor McLennan, Marxism, Pluralism and Beyond
Kevin Magill

Krishnan Kumar, Utopianism
Ruth Levitas, The Concept of Utopia
Ernst Bloch, Heritage of Our Times
Vincent Geoghegan

Ellie Ragland Sullivan and Mark Bracher, eds., Lacan and the Subject of Language
Alexandre Leupin, ed., Lacan and the Human Sciences
Anthony Elliott

Arpad Kadarkay, Georg Lukacs: Life, Thought, and Politics
Chris Arthur

David Crystal, The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language
Jonathan Rée

Michael Kelly, ed., Hermeneutics and Critical Theory in Ethics and Politics
Michael Gardiner

Sarah Kofman, Freud and Fiction
David Macey

Christopher G. A. Bryant and David Jary, eds., Giddens’ Theoryof Structuration: A Critical Appreciation
Anthony Giddens, The Consequences of Modernity
Barbara Adam, Time and Social Theory
Noel Parker

E. J. Hobsbawm, Nations and Nationalism since 1780: Programme, Myth, Reality
Alex Klaushofer

Tom Sorell, Scientism: Philosophy and the Infatuation with Science
Gary Kitchen

Peter Hulme and Ludmilla Jordanova, eds., The Enlightenment and its Shadows
Tom Furniss

J. D. Hunley, The Life and Thought of Frederick Engels: A Reinterpretation
Chris Arthur

Guy Debord, Comments on the Society of the Spectacle
Mike Gane, Baudrillard: Critical and Fatal Theory
Sadie Plant

Nigel Wright, Assessing Radical Education: a Critical Review of the Radical Movement in English Schooling 1960-1980
Nigel Wright, Free School: the White Lion Experience
Fred Inglis

Andrew Benjamin, ed., The Problems of Modernity: Adorno and Benjamin
Matthew Rampley

David Wood, Philosophy at the Limit
Alison Ainley

David McLellan and Sean Sayers, eds., Socialism and Democracy
Daryl Glaser

James w. Bernauer, Michel Foucault’s Force of Flight
David Macey

Bob Jessop, State Theory: Putting the Capitalist State in its Place
Noel Parker

J. Claude Evans, Strategies of Deconstruction: Derrida and the Myth of the Voice
Jonathan Rée

Penelope J. Corfield, ed., Language, History and Class
Jean-Jacques Lecercle

Julian Pefanis, Heterology and the Postmodern: Bataille, Baudrillard and Lyotard
David Macey

Allen W. Wood, Hegel’s Political Thought
Sean Sayers

C. Fred Alford, The Self in Social Theory: A Psychoanalytic Account of its Construction in Plato, Hobbes, Locke, Rawls and Rousseau
Keith Ansell-Pearson

Peter Singer, ed., A Companion to Ethics
Lucy Frith

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