70 Reviews

Daniel Bell, Communitarianism and its Critics
Stephen Holmes, The Anatomy of Antiliberalism
Alasdair Maclntyre

Jean-Paul Sartre, Notebooks for an Ethics
H.W. Wardman, Jean-Paul Sartre: The Evolution of his Thought and Art
Andrew Dobson, Jean-Paul Sartre and the Politics of Reason
David Macey

Philip Barker, Michel Foucault: Subversions of the Subject
Caroline Ramazanoglu, ed., Up Against Foucault
Mike Gane & Terry Johnson, eds., Foucault’s New Domains
Andrew Hadfield

Scott Lash & John Urry, Economies of Signs and Spaces
Nick Stevenson

Fred Moseley, ed., Marx’s Method in Capital: A Reexamination
Robert R. Albritton

Andrei S. Markovits & Philip S. Gorski, The German Left
Julian Wolfreys

Marie Mies & Vandana Shiva, Eco-feminism
Brian Morris

John O’Neill, Ecology, Policy and Politics
Jonathan Hughes

Hwa Yol Jung, Rethinking Political Theory
Alan Finlayson

Marian Scholtmeijer, Animal Victims in Modern Fiction
Julian Cowley

Stjepan G. Mestrovic, The Barbarian Temperament
John Armitage

Patrick Williams & Laura Chrisman, eds., Colonial Theory: A Reader
Willy Maley

Mark Freeman, Rewriting the Self: History, Memory, Narrative
Iain MacKenzie

Iain Chambers, Migrancy, Culture, Identity
Keith Ansell-Pearson

Anthony Elliott, Psychoanalytic Theory: An Introduction
Janet Sayers

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