78 Reviews

Elizabeth Grosz, Volatile Bodies
Rosalyn Diprose, The Bodies of Women
Rosi Braidotti, Nomadic Subjects
Lois McNay

Justin Rosenberg, The Empire of Civil Society
Fred Halliday

Alex Callinicos, Theories and Narratives
Michael Löwy

John McDowell, Mind and World
Simon Glendinning

Kristin Ross, Fast Cars, Clean Bodies
David Macey

Jose Brunner, Freud and the Politics of Psychoanalysis
Stephen Frosh

Sarah Kofman, Nietzsche and Metaphor
Peter J. Burgard, ed., Nietzsche and the Feminine
Michael Tanner, Nietzsche
Francesca Cauchi

Lorenzo C. Simpson, Technology, Time and the Conversations of Modernity
Nick Stevenson

Wolfgang Carl, Frege’ s Theory of Sense and Reference
Anthony Kenny, Frege
Max de Gaynesford

Wilfred Beckerman, Small is Stupid
Avner de-Shalit, Why Posterity Matters
Bob Brecher

Tom Rockmore, Heidegger and French Philosophy
William Large

Carolyn Bailey Gill, ed., Bataille: Writing the Sacred
Iain MacKenzie

Jean-Jacques Lecercle, Philosophy of Nonsense
Julian Cowley

Phi lip J. Ross, De-Privatizing Morality
Gideon Calder

Tim Jordan, Reinventing Revolution
Michael Rustin

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