83 Reviews

Michael J. Sandel, Democracyʼs Discontent
Avishai Margalit, The Decent Society
David Archard

John R. Searle, The Construction of Social Reality
Kevin Magill

John Keane, Reflections on Violence
Anthony Arblaster

Kevin Anderson, Lenin, Hegel and Western Marxism
Michael Löwy

Richard J. Bernstein, Hannah Arendt and the Jewish Question
Anne Seller

Maurice Blanchot, The Most High
Julian Cowley

Régis Debray, Media Manifestos
Hugh Dauncey

Simon Critchley and Peter Dews, eds, Deconstructive Subjectivities
Gideon Calder

Philip Goodchild, Gilles Deleuze and the Question of Philosophy
Jean-Jacques Lecercle

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