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Eduardo Mendieta, ed., Latin American Philosophy: Currents, Issues, Debates
Eugene Gogol, The Concept of Other in Latin American Liberation: Fusing Emancipatory Philosophic Thought and Social Revolt
Fidel Castro, On Imperialist Globalization: Two Speeches
Jon Beasley-Murray

Stathis Kouvelakis, Philosophy and Revolution: From Kant to Marx
Joseph McCarney

Henri Lefebvre, The Urban Revolution
David Cunningham

Ranjana Khanna, Dark Continents: Psychoanalysis and Colonialism
Philip Derbyshire

Max Deutscher, Genre and Void: Looking Back at Sartre and Beauvoir
David Macey

Barbara Day, The Velvet Philosophers
Edward F. Findlay, Caring for the Soul in a Postmodern Age: Politics and Phenomenology in the Thought of Jan Patocka
Aviezer Tucker, The Philosophy and Politics of Czech Dissidence from Patocka to Havel
Mihail Dafydd Evans

Alain Badiou, Saint Paul: The Foundations of Universalism
Jared Woodard