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Ronald Aronson, After Marxism
Cyril Smith, Marx at the Millennium
Jules Townsend, The Politics of Marxism
Antonio Callari, Stephen Cullenberg and Carole Biewener, eds, Marxism in the Postmodern Age
Suke Wolton, ed., Marxism, Mysticism and Modern Theory
Terry Eagleton

Fred Inglis, Raymond Williams
Graham Dawson

Michael A. Sells, The Bridge Betrayed: Religion and Genocide in Bosnia
Paul Hockenos

Bill Marshall, Guy Hocquenghem
David Macey

Daniel Burston, The Wing of Madness: The Life and Work of R.D. Laing
Janet Sayers

Moira Gatens, Imaginary Bodies: Ethics, Power and Corporeality
Rosalyn Diprose

Mervyn Frost, Ethics in International Relations
Chris Brown

Alison Assiter, Enlightened Women
Susan Mendus

Éric Alliez, Capital Times: Tales from the Conquest of Time
Brian Dillon