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Adorno and the Weather

Critical Theory in an Era of Climate Change
by / RP 174 (Jul/Aug 2012) / Article

In Beckett’s Endgame – about which Adorno wrote an important essay – nature is in ruins (‘corpsed’, as Clov describes it), yet the weather is still important.* The pathetic story that Hamm tells (and he has to bribe Nagg to listen) about a man crawling to him on his belly to ask for help on …

Architectural Deleuzism

Neoliberal space, control and the ‘univer-city’
by / RP 168 (Jul/Aug 2011) / Article

For many thinkers of the spatiality of contemporary capitalism, the production of all social space tends now to converge upon a single organizational paradigm designed to generate and service mobility, connectivity and flexibility. Networked, landscaped, borderless and reprogrammable, this is a space that functions, within the built environments of business, shopping, education or …

Longing for a greener present

Neoliberalism and the eco-city
by / RP 163 (Sep/Oct 2010) / Commentary

In recent years, architects have found themselves increasingly commissioned to design entire new cities: a phenomenon that has been accompanied by a commitment to those terms of ‘sustainability’ which now seem inseparable from the urban project itself. While ‘sustainability’ remains a vague concept at best, it nonetheless presents itself with an …

What’s so great about timeless?

Architecture and the Prince, again
by / RP 163 (Sep/Oct 2010) / Commentary

Whoever succeeds in redeveloping the Chelsea Barracks site will probably produce a small book to mark its completion. This will include an account of the site’s history, illustrated with maps and engravings, rather furry black-and-white photographs and a selection of press cuttings. There will be timelines charting the schemes produced, the …

Rem Koolhaas and Reinier de Graaf

Propaganda architecture
by , , and / RP 154 (Mar/Apr 2009) / Interview

On Rem Koolhaas

by / RP 154 (Mar/Apr 2009) / Article

Going into the mould

Materials and process in the architectural specification
by / RP 144 (Jul/Aug 2007) / Article

Clouds of architecture

by / RP 144 (Jul/Aug 2007) / Article

Architecture or art? (Response to Leslie); War between philosophy and art (Response to Bernstein); Frank significance (Response to Orozco)

by , , and / RP 080 (Nov/Dec 1996) / Extras

English Conservatism and the Aesthetics of Architecture

by / RP 040 (Summer 1985) / Article