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Doing something and doing nothing

Dossier: documenta 12 magazines project
by / RP 141 (Jan/Feb 2007) / Article, documenta 12 magazines project, Dossier

Culture is put busily to work these days. In Europe, certainly, culture is made the bearer of promises – the promise of a better quality of life, of a more educated public, of a more efficient and value-added cultural sphere, and, not least, the promise of regenerated economies. These promises are expressed in cultural policy …

The politics of equal aesthetic rights

Dossier: Spheres of action - Art and politics
by / RP 137 (May/Jun 2006) / Article, Dossier, Spheres of action - Art and politics

Art and politics are connected in one fundamental respect: both are realms in which a struggle for recognition is being waged. As defined by Alexandre Kojève in his commentary on Hegel, this struggle for recognition surpasses the usual struggle for the distribution of material goods, which in modernity is generally regulated by market forces. What …

Richard Wollheim, 1923–2003

by / RP 124 (Mar/Apr 2004) / Obituary

Deleuze’s Bacon

by / RP 123 (Jan/Feb 2004) / Article

Shiny, happy people

‘Body Worlds’ and the commodification of health
by / RP 118 (Mar/Apr 2003) / Commentary

The aesthetics of appearing

by / RP 118 (Mar/Apr 2003) / Article

Marxism and the Visual Arts Now, University College London, 8–10 April 2002

by / RP 114 (Jul/Aug 2002) / Conference Report

Deleuze and Neo-aesthetics,Tate Modern, 21–22 September 2001

by / RP 111 (Jan/Feb 2002) / Conference Report

Institutional critique-by-numbers

A reply to Esther Leslie
by / RP 111 (Jan/Feb 2002) / Extras

Tate Modern

A year of sweet success
by / RP 109 (Sep/Oct 2001) / Commentary

One room in Tate Modern is often passed through very quickly. An installation by Zurich artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss re-creates a room where redecorators are at work. Each item – buckets, brushes, a can of fizzy drink, a video cassette, palettes, a saucer of cat food – is crafted by hand from polyurethane …

New German aesthetic theory

Martin Seel’s art of diremption
by / RP 109 (Sep/Oct 2001) / Article

Roma reason

Luhmann’s Art as a Social System
by / RP 109 (Sep/Oct 2001) / Article

Art, politics and provincialism

by / RP 106 (Mar/Apr 2001) / Commentary

On autonomy and the avant-garde

by / RP 103 (Sep/Oct 2000) / Article

Surveying the current state of Anglophone art criticism, cultural theory and philosophical aesthetics, I am repeatedly struck by how disoriented or effervescently celebratory this writing is in the face of the art of the last thirty years. Indeed, the problem of how the last thirty years of art might be assessed and periodized after the …

Empire and I: Terra Incognita, Pitshanger Manor and Gallery, London, 22 January–13 March 1999

by / RP 095 (May/Jun 1999) / Conference Report

Arthur C. Danto

Art and analysis
by and / RP 090 (Jul/Aug 1998) / Interview

RP: Your philosophical work appears to be made up of two fairly distinct strands: what one might call a mainstream analytical strand and a more unconventional aesthetic strand. The second strand is dissident, first because itʼs about aesthetics – it takes art seriously, philosophically – and second because itʼs broadly Hegelian in inspiration. Historically, analytical …

Architecture or art? (Response to Leslie); War between philosophy and art (Response to Bernstein); Frank significance (Response to Orozco)

by , , and / RP 080 (Nov/Dec 1996) / Extras

Revealing the Truth of Art

by / RP 058 (Summer 1991) / Article

The Situationist International

A Case of Spectacular Neglect
by / RP 055 (Summer 1990) / Article

The recent exhibitions of Situationist art and paraphernalia in London, Paris, and Boston, have given the Situationist International (SI) an unprecedented academic and cultural profile. Even during the movement’s most active period, when many of its ideas and practices were realised in the events in France 1968, it received little serious appraisal; to …

Images of the French Revolution; Reviving Cultural Studies; Philosophy and the Visual Arts; Nietzsche Society and Conference

by , and / RP 053 (Autumn 1989) / News