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Net, square, everywhere?

by / RP 171 (Jan/Feb 2012) / Commentary

Since hackers led digital systems on a line of flight from their military origins the Internet has had an ambivalent political virtuality. In the mid-1990s the emergenceof the anti- or alter-globalization movement coincided with growing access to the Internet, open source software and creative commons production. The digital dissemination of the Zapatista …

Subjectivity as medium of the media

Dossier: What is German Media Philosophy?
by / RP 169 (Sep/Oct 2011) / Article, Dossier, What is German Media Philosophy?

Contemporary, let us say ‘post-modern’, discourses on media, communication, information and so on are functioning in our society in at least two different – if interconnected – ways.* First, they describe scientifically the functioning of contemporary media and their growing role in our society. But the development of media theory during recent decades was, in …

Israel/Palestine and the paradoxes of academic freedom

by / RP 135 (Jan/Feb 2006) / Article

In the last few years, two separate debates on academic freedom have emerged in the United States, and both of them have Israel/Palestine at their centre. The first has to do with arguments against the academic boycott of Israeli institutions on grounds of academic freedom, and the second has to do with the …

Recognition and resistance

Axel Honneth’s critical social theory
by / RP 094 (Mar/Apr 1999) / Article

Niklas Luhmann, 1927–1998

by / RP 094 (Mar/Apr 1999) / Obituary

Creativity as criticism

by / RP 086 (Nov/Dec 1997) / Article


by / RP 080 (Nov/Dec 1996) / Commentary

Information: culture or capital?

by / RP 079 (Sep/Oct 1996) / News