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Feminism against ‘the feminine’

by / RP 105 (Jan/Feb 2001) / Article

Whilst the distinction between French and Anglo-American feminism was always rather dubious (failing to be accurate, consistent or inclusive at the level of either national origin, language of choice or theoretical commitment; seeming to parcel feminist theory – or at least the feminist theory that mattered – out into two Western blocks from which the …

Psychoanalysis and politics

Juliet Mitchell then and now
by / RP 103 (Sep/Oct 2000) / Article

What’s material about materialist feminism?

A Marxist Feminist critique
by / RP 101 (May/Jun 2000) / Article

Perspectives on pragmatism

A reply to Lorraine Code
by / RP 092 (Nov/Dec 1998) / Article

Time and the working mother

Kristeva’s ‘Women’s Time’ revisited
by / RP 091 (Sep/Oct 1998) / Article

If there is one issue that occupies current debates in the media, and that is shaping British society in the last years of the century, it is the nature of time. This is arguably less to do with millennial fever than with the transformations in working practices which have, for the first time since the …

Mind, reality and politics

by / RP 088 (Mar/Apr 1998) / Article

Feminists and pragmatists

A radical future?
by / RP 087 (Jan/Feb 1998) / Article

Dictating research: Feminist philosophy and the RAE; The case of economics

by , and / RP 085 (Sep/Oct 1997) / News

Generations of feminism

by / RP 083 (May/Jun 1997) / Article

Politics makes comics of us all. Or we would weep. Sheila Rowbotham 1

I have been thinking for some time now about political generations. 2 Indeed, I began my last book, Straight Sex, with a reflection upon the enduring impact of those formative moments which first enable us to make some sense of the world, …

Feminism without nostalgia

by / RP 083 (May/Jun 1997) / Article

Women in philosophy in Britain: The good news and the bad; Feminist philosophy in Israel

by and / RP 080 (Nov/Dec 1996) / News

Philosophy, feminism and universalism

by / RP 076 (Mar/Apr 1996) / Article

During the last ten years or so, when I have been asked what my particular ‘interests’ are, I have usually said that I have been working on ‘feminism and philosophy’, or ‘philosophy and feminism’ – or perhaps, though less often, ‘feminist philosophy’. I have become increasingly interested in how to think about this conjunction: ‘Feminism …

‘Woman’ as theatre

United Nations Conference on Women, Beijing 1995
by / RP 075 (Jan/Feb 1996) / Commentary

Chinese Women and Feminist Thought, Beijing,22-24 June 1995

by and / RP 074 (Nov/Dec 1995) / Conference Report

Drucilla Cornell

Feminism, deconstruction and the law
by and / RP 073 (Sep/Oct 1995) / Interview

Heterosexual Utopianism

by / RP 069 (Jan/Feb 1995) / Article

‘When people of a later age look back upon the barbarous customs and superstitions of the times we have the unhappiness to live in, what will they say?’ Sue Bridehead’s question – or rather exclamation – in Jude the Obscure – is, of course, rhetorical; and Hardy has surely been vindicated in this appeal to the enlightenment of  later times to put …

Hiding Out or Moving On?

Feminism in Psychoanalysis
by / RP 068 (Autumn 1994) / Commentary

‘Why are we all here?’, Juliet Mitchell asks her audience, rhetorically. She is opening a conference in London held in May to mark the twentieth anniversary of the publication of her book Psychoanalysis and Feminism. ‘Why are we all here, and not there – as feminists, that is – in the world, in the field? …

Judith Butler

Gender as Performance
by , and / RP 067 (Summer 1994) / Interview

The Meaning of Political Ecology

by / RP 066 (Spring 1994) / Article

‘Political ecology’ is an expression which has become quite familiar in recent years, but does not appear to have acquired a clear and settled meaning.* Evidently it is used to point up some kind of connection between politics, or the political, and ecology, yet the project of making the connection is deeply problematic. In this …

Studying Child Sexual Abuse

Morality or Science?
by / RP 066 (Spring 1994) / Article