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161 Reviews

by , , , , and / RP 161 (May/Jun 2010) / Reviews

Sylvère Lotringer, ed., The German Issue Gudrun Ensslin and Bernward Vesper, ‘Notstandgesetze von Deiner Hand’: Briefe 1968/1969 Esther Leslie

G.A. Cohen, Why Not Socialism? Alex Callinicos

Brett Buchanan, Onto-Ethologies: The Animal Environments of Uexkull, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, and Deleuze Chris Wilbert

Jim McGuigan, Cool Capitalism Mark Fisher

Joe Sacco, Footnotes in Gaza Antonio Venezia

Erdmut Wizisla, …

104 Reviews

by , , , , , , , , and / RP 104 (Nov/Dec 2000) / Reviews

G.A. Cohen, If Youʼre an Egalitarian, How Come Youʼre So Rich? Sean Sayers

Lutz Koepnick, Walter Benjamin and the Aesthetics of Power Esther Leslie, Walter Benjamin: Overpowering Conformism Giles Peaker

Alexander García Düttmann, Between Cultures: Tensions in the Struggle for Recognition Peter Hallward

Ross Poole, Nation and Identity Bruce Robbins

Kimberly Hutchings, International Political Theory: …

Analytical Marxism – an ex-paradigm?

The odyssey of G.A. Cohen
by / RP 082 (Mar/Apr 1997) / Article

Beyond Revisionism

New Labour, socialist basics and the dynamic market economy
by / RP 073 (Sep/Oct 1995) / Article

Marxism and the Dialectical Method

A Critique of G.A. Cohen
by / RP 036 (Spring 1984) / Article

2 Reviews

by / RP 002 (Summer 1972) / Reviews

Godfrey Vesey, Rene Descartes: Father of Modern Philosophy Jonathan Rée

Joseph Gabel, La Fausse Conscience Ian Birkstead

Alfred Schmidt, The Concept of Nature in Marx G. A. Cohen

Remarks on Revolutionary Perspectives

by / RP 002 (Summer 1972) / Extras