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The ‘New Philosophers’ and the End of Leftism

by / RP 024 (Spring 1980) / Article

Fashion move s  fast in Parisian salons, and the taste for intellectual scandal demands the constant breaking of fresh taboos. Three years ago, in the spring of 1977, a group of young authors styling themselves the ‘New Philosophers’ moved rapidly to the centre of attention, making headlines not only in France but around the globe. The  shocking …

Towards a Materialist Theory of Ideology

The IQ Debate as a Case Study
by / RP 022 (Summer 1979) / Article

Utopia or Phantasy?

A Reply to Ollman on Marx's Vision of Communism
by / RP 022 (Summer 1979) / Article

Post-Marxist Modes of Production

by / RP 020 (Summer 1978) / Article

According to whoever wrote the editorial ‘notes’ for Radical Philosophy 17, ‘the present upsurge of fundamental Marxist researches may indicate an exit route from the circle of philosophy’s deaths and re births, via which the problem of the specificity of “the philosophical” might be both subverted and understood’. And according to Graham Burchell in Radical Philosophy 18, …

Althusser’s epistemology

The limits of the theory of theoretical practice
by / RP 019 (Spring 1978) / Article

‘Let us say that public positions must always be judged against the system of positions actually held and against the effects they produce’ – Althusser, Essays in Self-Criticism (p115)


The settling of accounts with ‘Althusserianism’ has been on the order of the day for some time now. The recent publication of Essays in Self-Criticism, however, makes available …

Personal Autonomy and Historical Materialism

by / RP 015 (Autumn 1976) / Article

Winch, Wittgenstein and Marxism

by / RP 013 (Spring 1976) / Article

The Theory of Ideology

Some Comments on Mepham
by / RP 013 (Spring 1976) / Article

Moral Relations, Political Economy and Class Struggle

by and / RP 012 (Winter 1975) / Article

Rancière and Althusser

by / RP 010 (Spring 1975) / Extras

Rancière’s critique of Althusser and Ted Benton’s comments (RP 7 and RP 9 respectively) raise fundamental problems about the nature of theoretical debate in addition to fundamental problems at the level of theory itself. I take Benton to be presenting a defence of a more or less orthodox Althusserian position and the following points …

Discussion: Rancière and Ideology

by / RP 009 (Winter 1974) / Extras

The article by Jacques Rancière, ‘On the Theoryof Ideology’ (Radical Philosophy 7) is one of the most powerful critiques of Althusser’s work so far to have been produced from the left. Given the wide reception that Althusser’s work is nowreceiving in Britain it is vital that the issues which Ranciere raises are thoroughly …

The production of moral ideology

by / RP 009 (Winter 1974) / Article

Marxism and Morality

by / RP 008 (Summer 1974) / Article

Liberal democractic ideology under strain

Allende's Chile and 'The Economist'
by / RP 008 (Summer 1974) / Article

On the theory of ideology

The politics of Althusser
by / RP 007 (Spring 1974) / Article

Certainly it is an interesting event we are dealing with: the putrescence of the absolute spirit (Marx, German Ideology, Part 1)

All the mysteries which lead theory into mysticism find the irrational solution in human practice and in the understanding of that practice’. For a long time the main mystery as far as …

Common Sense

by / RP 007 (Spring 1974) / Commentary

The scapegoat

Sartre on the constitution and embodiment of evil
by / RP 007 (Spring 1974) / Article

Who Makes History?

Althusser's Anti-Humanism
by / RP 006 (Winter 1973) / Article

The Question of Hegemony

by / RP 005 (Summer 1973) / Commentary

Class, Consciousness, Control, Communication

by / RP 005 (Summer 1973) / Commentary