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Global homocapitalism

by / RP 194 (Nov/Dec 2015) / Article

Temples of global capitalism have become increasingly vociferous of late in their opposition to homophobia. In February 2014, shortly after Uganda’s President Museveni gave his assent to a draconian Anti Homosexuality Act, the World Bank announced that it was delaying a US$90 million loan to Uganda on the grounds that the law would adversely affect …

Resisting Resilience

by / RP 178 (Mar/Apr 2013) / Commentary

I’m 24, in a horrible relationship, feeling stuck and alone. I met my boyfriend three years ago while I was struggling to find work after graduating. He was not only charismatic, ambitious and gorgeous, but supportive, too. I became infatuated. By the time I found out about his angry rages and subtle bullying, I had …

The hungry of the earth

by / RP 151 (Sep/Oct 2008) / Commentary

Two views on recent anti-capitalist protests

by and / RP 107 (May/Jun 2001) / Commentary

Nationalize This! What Next for Anti-Globalization Protests? Benedict Seymour

The Golden Straightjacket: Moving On from Seattle Simon Bromley