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The sublime from Lyotard to Schiller

Two readings of Kant and their political significance
by / RP 126 (Jul/Aug 2004) / Article

The ethics of conviction

Marxism, ontology and religion
by / RP 121 (Sep/Oct 2003) / Article

Exchange on Hegel’s racism

by and / RP 119 (May/Jun 2003) / Extras

The aesthetics of appearing

by / RP 118 (Mar/Apr 2003) / Article

Will the real Kant please stand up

The challenge of Enlightenment racism to the study of the history of philosophy
by / RP 117 (Jan/Feb 2003) / Article

Systems theory and legal theory

Luhmann, Heidegger and the false ends of metaphysics
by / RP 116 (Nov/Dec 2002) / Article

Quartering the millennium

by / RP 116 (Nov/Dec 2002) / Article

The vertigo of philosophy

Deleuze and the problem of immanence
by / RP 113 (May/Jun 2002) / Article

Uncategorical imperatives

Adorno, Badiou and the ethical turn
by / RP 111 (Jan/Feb 2002) / Article

No Man’s Land

Reading Kant historically
by / RP 110 (Nov/Dec 2001) / Article

In 1784 Kant published an essay for a journal that represented the public face of an Enlightenment secret society of senior officials in the administration of Frederick II. In the forty-fourth year of Frederickʼs reign it was necessary to plan for the succession and to ensure as far as possible the irreversibility of the achievements …

Kant’s ‘raw man’ and the miming of primitivism

Spivak’s Critique of Postcolonial Reason
by / RP 105 (Jan/Feb 2001) / Article

In the first part of A Critique of Postcolonial Reason, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak traces the necessity for and foreclosure of what she calls the ʻNative Informantʼ in inaugurating ʻthe name of Manʼ in those key texts of German philosophy (Kant, Hegel, Marx) which were to found the ethical, political subject of European Enlightenment. The Native …

Demanding approval

On the ethics of Alain Badiou
by / RP 100 (Mar/Apr 2000) / Article

Primordial Being

Enlightenment, Schopenhauer and the Indian subject of postcolonial theory
by / RP 100 (Mar/Apr 2000) / Article

Signs of the Times, Critical Politics Conference, 30 October 1999, London School of Economics, UK Kant Society Annual Conference, University of Reading, 17–19 September 1999

by and / RP 100 (Mar/Apr 2000) / Conference Report

‘Radical evil’ revived

Hitler, Kant, Luther, neo-Lacanianism
by / RP 098 (Nov/Dec 1999) / Article

Contingent ontologies

Sex, gender and ‘woman’ in Simone de Beauvoir and Judith Butler
by / RP 097 (Sep/Oct 1999) / Article

The pre-eminent place of Simone de Beauvoirʼs The Second Sex in the development of gender theory and feminist philosophy is undeniable. References to The Second Sex in historical and theoretical work in gender theory appear as if obligatory, not only because of the immense debt which many feminist scholars feel they owe de …

Brain waves, transcendental fields and techniques of thought

by / RP 094 (Mar/Apr 1999) / Article

Society for European Philosophy: Lancaster University, 16-18 September 1998

by and / RP 093 (Jan/Feb 1999) / Conference Report

‘Affectivity’, British Society for Phenomenology Conference,British Society for Phenomenology Conference, 3–5 April 1998, Oxford; John Macmurray 6–9 April 1998, Aberdeen;

by and / RP 091 (Sep/Oct 1998) / Conference Report

‘Affectivity’, The British Society for Phenomenology Conference Robin Durie

John Macmurray Conference Andrew Collier

The coastline of experience

Materialism and metaphysics in Adorno
by / RP 085 (Sep/Oct 1997) / Article