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What is Scientific Ideology?

With an Introduction by Mike Shortland
by and / RP 029 (Autumn 1981) / Article

Abstraction: A Realist Interpretation

by / RP 028 (Summer 1981) / Article

Cutler on Laws of Tendency

by / RP 027 (Spring 1981) / Extras

Personality and the Dialectic of Labour and Property

Locke, Hegel, Marx
by / RP 026 (Autumn 1980) / Article

Ideology as Commonsense

The Case of British Conservatism
by / RP 025 (Summer 1980) / Commentary

British conservatism has been a spectacularly successful ideology. The Tory party has  established itself as a particularly resilient vehicle by conveying the ideas and interests of the British ruling class for three hundred years. In doing so, it has provided ideological shelter to different forms of property ownership by withstanding the strains of …

Socialization and the Self

by / RP 025 (Summer 1980) / Article

24 Reviews

by , , , , and / RP 024 (Spring 1980) / Reviews

D. Barash, Sociobiology and Behaviour T. Clutton-Brock and P. Harvey, Readings in Sociobiology W. Mackensie, Biological Issues in Politics M. Midgley, Beast and Man M. Ruse, Sociobiology: Sense or Nonsense? E.O.Wilson, On Human Nature Martin Barker

D. Lecourt, Proletarian Science? The Case of Lysenko Ted Benton

Richard E. Olsen, Karl Marx Pete Stirk

L. Laudan, …

Philosophical Materialism or the Materialist Conception of History

by / RP 023 (Winter 1979) / Article

Reply to Keat and Dews on Dialectic

by / RP 021 (Spring 1979) / Extras

In Defence of Epistemology

by / RP 020 (Summer 1978) / Article

My aim in this paper is to criticise a post-Althusserian tendency which urges us to ditch the whole project of epistemology; I shall also say something about the conditions for an epistemology which will not lay itself open to the objections raised against epistemology by this tendency insofar as those objections are valid. And I …

Kant as a problem for Marxism

by / RP 019 (Spring 1978) / Article

The relation between the thought of Immanuel Kant and the Marxist movement has been a distinctly problematic one. Kant, as the founder of the German idealist school, was recognised by Marx as one important precursor of his own theory in a general sense. But his understanding of any specific importance in Kantian thought – while …

17 Reviews

by , , and / RP 017 (Summer 1977) / Reviews

Agnes Heller, The Theory of Need in Marx Kate Soper

Hilary Rose and Steven Rose, eds., The Political Economy of Science: The Radicalisation of Science John Krige

Joseph Needham, Moulds of Understanding David Murray

Franz Jakubowski, Ideology and Superstructure in Historical Materialism Kate Soper

Value: Studies by Marx Chris Arthur

16 Reviews

by , , and / RP 016 (Spring 1977) / Reviews

Perry Anderson, Considerations on Western Marxism John Mepham

John Randall, Parapsychology and the Nature of Life David Murray

Collected Works of Marx and Engels, Volume 5 Chris Arthur

Ralph Miliband and John Saville, eds., The Socialist Register, 1976 Tom Steele

Michel Foucault

Prison Talk
by and / RP 016 (Spring 1977) / Interview

This interview dates from June 1975 when Michel Foucault published Surveiller et Punir (Surveillance and punishment), subtitled: Naissance ‘de la Prison (Birth of the Prison). This book can be seen as forming a trilogy with Foucault’s Madness and Civilisation (1961) and Birth of the Clinic (1963); each work traces the genealogy of an institution (asylum, …

Media and Images

by / RP 016 (Spring 1977) / Article

Discussion: Dialectic

by and / RP 015 (Autumn 1976) / Extras

On Dialectic

by / RP 014 (Summer 1976) / Article

The Marxist Dialectic

by / RP 014 (Summer 1976) / Article

13 Reviews

by , , , , and / RP 013 (Spring 1976) / Reviews

André Gorz, Socialism and Revolution Ian Craib

Karl Marx, Texts on Method Chris Arthur

D. C. Hodges, The Latin American Revolution: Politics and Strategy from Afro-Marxism to Guevarism Anatole Anton

Richard Spilsbury, Providence Lost: A Critique of Darwinism Gerry Webster

Max Horkheimer and Theodor W. Adorno, Dialectic of Enlightenment J. A. Bradley

Viktor Shklovsky, Mayakovsky …

Winch, Wittgenstein and Marxism

by / RP 013 (Spring 1976) / Article