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Between sharing and antagonism

The invention of communism in the early Marx
by / RP 166 (Mar/Apr 2011) / Article

London calling

Why talk about communism today?* A first point everybody will be agreed upon: the spectre of communism is not haunting Europe, nor for that matter any other region of the world. The only place where ‘communism’ is a positive name for anything is China, where it designates the ruling party of one of …

Gramsci and the political

From the state as ‘metaphysical event’ to hegemony as ‘philosophical fact’
by / RP 153 (Jan/Feb 2009) / Article

Refiguring the multitude

From exodus to the production of norms
by / RP 131 (May/Jun 2005) / Article

Philosophizing the everyday

The philosophy of praxis and the fate of cultural studies
by / RP 098 (Nov/Dec 1999) / Article

The following presents a genealogy and critique of the concept of the ʻeverydayʼ, looking at the philosophical, political and cultural conflicts and contexts which radically transformed its contents after the Russian Revolution from a term synonymous with the ʻdailyʼ and ʻcontingentʼ to one identifiable with the vicissitudes of cultural and social transformation and democratization. It …

Symposium: Cornelius Castoriadis, 1922–1997

by , and / RP 090 (Jul/Aug 1998) / Article

Milton Fisk, Marxism and Ethics

by / RP 036 (Spring 1984) / Article

Scientific Explanation and Human Emancipation

by / RP 026 (Autumn 1980) / Article

Lukács and the Marxist Criticism of Sociology

by / RP 017 (Summer 1977) / Article

Truth and Practice

by / RP 005 (Summer 1973) / Article

Dialectical Reason

by / RP 004 (Spring 1973) / Article