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Childhood experience and the image of utopia

The broken promise of Adorno’s Proustian sublimations
by / RP 099 (Jan/Feb 2000) / Article

Cracking the cultural code

Methodological reflections on Kracauer’s ‘The Mass Ornament’
by / RP 099 (Jan/Feb 2000) / Article

Colonizing citizenship

by / RP 095 (May/Jun 1999) / Commentary

ʻWe are not the victims but the children of a crime against humanity.ʼ1

Commemorations are important events in France. If, on the one hand, they offer the government the opportunity to reinforce a ʻcertain idea of Franceʼ, on the other hand they give historians, researchers and activists the possibility to revise and counter the official …

Time and the working mother

Kristeva’s ‘Women’s Time’ revisited
by / RP 091 (Sep/Oct 1998) / Article

If there is one issue that occupies current debates in the media, and that is shaping British society in the last years of the century, it is the nature of time. This is arguably less to do with millennial fever than with the transformations in working practices which have, for the first time since the …

Symposium: Cornelius Castoriadis, 1922–1997

by , and / RP 090 (Jul/Aug 1998) / Article

Mind, reality and politics

by / RP 088 (Mar/Apr 1998) / Article

Psychoanalysis as anti-hermeneutics

by / RP 079 (Sep/Oct 1996) / Article

Fatal Attraction

Jean Laplanche on sexuality, subjectivity and singularity in the work of Sigmund Freud
by / RP 073 (Sep/Oct 1995) / Article

The tremor of reflection

Slavoj Žižek's Lacanian dialectics
by / RP 072 (Jul/Aug 1995) / Article

At first glance, the work of the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek seems to offer an irresistible range of attractions for theorists wishing to engage with contemporary culture, without accepting the flimsy postmodernist doxa which is often the only available gloss on it. Zizek’s thought is still strongly coloured by his Althusserian background, and …

Hiding Out or Moving On?

Feminism in Psychoanalysis
by / RP 068 (Autumn 1994) / Commentary

‘Why are we all here?’, Juliet Mitchell asks her audience, rhetorically. She is opening a conference in London held in May to mark the twentieth anniversary of the publication of her book Psychoanalysis and Feminism. ‘Why are we all here, and not there – as feminists, that is – in the world, in the field? …

Fleshy Memory

by / RP 065 (Autumn 1993) / Commentary

Marxism and Psychoanalysis – An Exchange

by and / RP 055 (Summer 1990) / Article

Socialism, Feminism and Men

by / RP 053 (Autumn 1989) / Article

The Eupsychian Impulse

Psychoanalysis and Left politics since '68
by / RP 048 (Spring 1988) / Article

The Personal and Political

20 Years On
by / RP 048 (Spring 1988) / Commentary

Fragments of an Analysis: Lacan in Context

Including Chris Arthur's 'Notes on the Animal Kingdom of the Spirit'
by and / RP 035 (Autumn 1983) / Article

The Sceptical Feminist’; A Lacanian Psychoanalyst’s Comment on John Bird

by and / RP 034 (Summer 1983) / Extras

For Lacan; Collectivity and Comment

by , and / RP 031 (Summer 1982) / Extras

Jacques Lacan: the French Freud?

by / RP 030 (Spring 1982) / Article

Lacan: A Reply to Rée

by / RP 025 (Summer 1980) / Extras