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Politics in a Tragic Key

by / RP 180 (July/Aug 2013) / Article

In memory of Joel Olson (1967-2012)

In the quarter-century or so since the obscure disaster of the Soviet bloc’s collapse, two words have been pinned to that of ‘communism’ with liberal abandon: ‘tragedy’ and ‘transition’. Tragedy, to signify the magnitude of suffering, but not the greatness of the enterprise; the depth of the fall, …

Risked democracy

Foucault, Castoriadis and the Greeks
by / RP 166 (Mar/Apr 2011) / Article

The delay involved in the publication of lectures or seminars has strange effects: what comes late and in a different time to its own is research and words which were caught up – more so than the books – in the historical circumstances of their elaboration; and the text that is finally published, with the …

Walter Benjamin and the Red Army Faction, Part 3

by / RP 154 (Mar/Apr 2009) / Article

‘The madness of Islam’

Foucault’s Occident and the Revolution in Iran
by / RP 128 (Nov/Dec 2004) / Article

Oedipus as figure

by / RP 118 (Mar/Apr 2003) / Article

Philosophy as Exile from Life

Lukács' 'Soul And Form'
by / RP 053 (Autumn 1989) / Article