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Contributor Archive: John Krige

29 Reviews

by , , , , , and / RP 029 (Autumn 1981) / Reviews

Susan Okin, Women in Western Political Thought John Krige

Greta Jones, Social Darwinism and English Thought Martin Barker

The Brighton Women and Science Group, Alice Through the Microscope: the Power of Science over Women’s Lives John Krige

Brian Easlea, Witch-Hunting, Magic and the New Philosophy John Krige

P. Hain, ed., Policing the Police John Krige

28 Reviews

by , , , , , , , and / RP 028 (Summer 1981) / Reviews

Renford Bambrough, Moral Scepticism and Moral Knowledge Richard Norman

K.S. Schrader-Frechette, Nuclear Power and Public Policy John Krige

C. Mouffe, ed., Gramsci and Marxist Theory Bill Schwarz

B. Henderson, A Critique of Film Theory J. Petley, Capital and Culture: German Cinema M. Chanan, The Dream that Kicks: The Prehistory and Early Years of Cinema in …

RP Dayschool, Scientists and Disarmament, Belgrade Maintains Intellectual Repression

by , and / RP 028 (Summer 1981) / News

27 Reviews

by , , , , , , , and / RP 027 (Spring 1981) / Reviews

Anthony Skillen, Ruling Illusions: Philosophy and the Social Order Joe McCarney

Georg Lukács, The Ontology of Social Being, Vol.1: Hegel, Vol.2: Marx Lucien Goldmann, Lukacs and Heidegger: Towards a New Philosophy Ian Craib

Georg Lukács, The Destruction of Reason Martin Barker

S. Turkle, Psychoanalytic Politics: Freud’s French Revolution Michael Erben

Peter Caws, Sartre Mark …

24 Reviews

by , , , , and / RP 024 (Spring 1980) / Reviews

D. Barash, Sociobiology and Behaviour T. Clutton-Brock and P. Harvey, Readings in Sociobiology W. Mackensie, Biological Issues in Politics M. Midgley, Beast and Man M. Ruse, Sociobiology: Sense or Nonsense? E.O.Wilson, On Human Nature Martin Barker

D. Lecourt, Proletarian Science? The Case of Lysenko Ted Benton

Richard E. Olsen, Karl Marx Pete Stirk

L. Laudan, …

Revolution and Discontinuity

by / RP 022 (Summer 1979) / Article

17 Reviews

by , , and / RP 017 (Summer 1977) / Reviews

Agnes Heller, The Theory of Need in Marx Kate Soper

Hilary Rose and Steven Rose, eds., The Political Economy of Science: The Radicalisation of Science John Krige

Joseph Needham, Moulds of Understanding David Murray

Franz Jakubowski, Ideology and Superstructure in Historical Materialism Kate Soper

Value: Studies by Marx Chris Arthur

12 Reviews

by , , , and / RP 012 (Winter 1975) / Reviews

Schlomo Avineri, Hegel’s Theory of the Modern State Richard Gunn

Dominique Lecourt, Marxism and Epistemology Alison Assiter

Roy Bhaskar, A Realist Theory of Science John Krige

Gunther W. Remmling, The Sociology of Karl Mannheim Michael Erben

A. Flew, Thinking about Thinking R. A. Sharpe

Claire Tomalin, The Life and Death of Mary Wollstonecraft Jean McCrindle

11 Reviews

by , , and / RP 011 (Summer 1975) / Reviews

Pierre Macherey, Pour une Théorie de la Production Littéraire Louis McTurk

I. I. Rubin, Essays on Marx’s Theory of Value Chris Arthur

Michael Raptis, Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Chile John Krige

Maurice Merleau-Ponty, The Prose of the World Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Adventures of the Dialectic Christopher Norris

Liberal democractic ideology under strain

Allende's Chile and 'The Economist'
by / RP 008 (Summer 1974) / Article