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Politics in a Tragic Key

by / RP 180 (July/Aug 2013) / Article

In memory of Joel Olson (1967-2012)

In the quarter-century or so since the obscure disaster of the Soviet bloc’s collapse, two words have been pinned to that of ‘communism’ with liberal abandon: ‘tragedy’ and ‘transition’. Tragedy, to signify the magnitude of suffering, but not the greatness of the enterprise; the depth of the fall, …

Citizens’ agora

The new urban question
by / RP 179 (May/Jun 2013) / Commentary

What would Rousseau, who penned his classic Discourse on Inequality in 1755, have made of things today? Had he still been around, had he travelled around the globe a bit, he’d have doubtless despaired of how little ‘civilized’ society had ameliorated the ‘artificial’ inequalities that derive from the conventions that govern us. Maybe …

Radical Conservatism, or, the Conservatism of Radicals

Giddens, Blair and the Politics of Reaction
by / RP 093 (Jan/Feb 1999) / Article

Truth and Relativity: An Exchange

1. Sean Sayers' Relativism; 2. Once more on Relative Truth: A Reply to Skillen
by and / RP 064 (Summer 1993) / Article

38 Reviews

by , , , , , , and / RP 038 (Summer 1984) / Reviews

Martin Hollis and Steven Lukes, eds., Rationality and Relativism Peter Dews

Gilles Deleuze, Nietzsche and Philosophy Richard Schacht, Nietzsche Keith Pearson

Roland Gibson, Logic as History of Science and Experience of Art John Fauvel

Isidor Walliman, Estrangement: Marx’s Conception of Human Nature and the Division of Labour Elliott A. Krause, Division of Labour: A political …

34 Reviews

by , , , , , , and / RP 034 (Summer 1983) / Reviews

Carol McMillan, Women, Reason and Nature Jean Grimshaw Amy Hardie

Stephen Heath, The Sexual Fix Martin Barker

Anne Whitmarsh, Simone de Beauvoir and the Limits of Commitment Jonathan Rée

Oxford University Press ‘Past Masters’ Series: A. L. Le Quesne, Carlyle, lban Krailsheimer, Pascal, Quentin Skinner, Machiavelli Mike Shortland Terrell Carver, Engels, Anthony Quinton, …

On Materialism

by / RP 031 (Summer 1982) / Article

TEACHER: Si Fu, name the basic questions of philosophy SI FU: Are things external to us, self-sufficient, independent of us, or are things in us, dependent on us, non-existent without us? TEACHER: What opinion is the correct one? SI FU: There has been no decision about it…. TEACHER: Why has the question remained unresolved? SI …

Freedom as the efficacy of knowledge

by / RP 018 (Autumn 1977) / Article

16 Reviews

by , , and / RP 016 (Spring 1977) / Reviews

Perry Anderson, Considerations on Western Marxism John Mepham

John Randall, Parapsychology and the Nature of Life David Murray

Collected Works of Marx and Engels, Volume 5 Chris Arthur

Ralph Miliband and John Saville, eds., The Socialist Register, 1976 Tom Steele

On Materialisms

by / RP 015 (Autumn 1976) / Article

Discussion: Dialectic

by and / RP 015 (Autumn 1976) / Extras

On Dialectic

by / RP 014 (Summer 1976) / Article

The Marxist Dialectic

by / RP 014 (Summer 1976) / Article

Jospeh Dietzgen

by / RP 010 (Spring 1975) / Article