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‘Joining tracks with the world’

The impossibility of politics in China
by / RP 131 (May/Jun 2005) / Article

Agonized liberalism

The liberal theory of William E. Connolly
by / RP 127 (Sep/Oct 2004) / Article

Wishful theory and sexual politics

by / RP 103 (Sep/Oct 2000) / Article

Across the last two or three decades identity and desire have been ʻtheorizedʼ relentlessly. Influences have been diverse: I remember especially the impact, for gay writing, of Barthesʼ dream, or plea, in 1975, for a radical sexual diversity wherein there would no longer be homosexuality (singular) but homosexualities, a plural so radical it ʻwill baffle any centred, …

Identity judgements, queer politics

by and / RP 100 (Mar/Apr 2000) / Article

The space of flows and timeless time

Manuel Castells’s The Information Age
by / RP 097 (Sep/Oct 1999) / Article

Towards a phenomenology of racial embodiment

by / RP 095 (May/Jun 1999) / Article

When one realizes the indeterminacy of racial categories, their fluid borders and cultural variety, it is often tempting to adopt a nominalism about race: that race is no more real than phlogiston or witchcraft. In this essay, I resist this conclusion primarily on phenomenological grounds. Race is real, certainly more real than phlogiston, though like …

Out of Africa

Philosophy, ‘race’ and agency
by / RP 089 (May/Jun 1998) / Article

Stuart Hall

Culture and Power
by , and / RP 086 (Nov/Dec 1997) / Interview

RP: How would you describe the current state of cultural studies in Britain in relation to its past?

Hall: Itʼs a question of how far back you want to go, because everybody has a narrative about this and everybodyʼs narrative is different. There was certainly something distinctive about the founding moment in the 1960s, but …

Irigaray anxiety

Luce Irigaray and her ethics for improper selves
by / RP 080 (Nov/Dec 1996) / Article

Philosophy and racial identity

by / RP 075 (Jan/Feb 1996) / Article

Charles Taylor, Strong Hermeneutics and the Politics of Difference

by / RP 068 (Autumn 1994) / Article

On National Identity

A Response to Jonathan Rée
by / RP 062 (Autumn 1992) / Article

The Politics of Fulfilment and Transfiguration

by / RP 047 (Autumn 1987) / Article

Luce Irigaray and the Female Imaginary

Speaking as a Woman
by / RP 043 (Summer 1986) / Article

Although Luce Irigaray’s name is beginning to be come more familiar in England, her work has not, for the most part, been translated, so that non-French- speaking readers have had to confine themselves to the odd bits and pieces – the translation of an interview in Ideology and Consciousness (1977), a few excerpts …

In Defence of Internal Relations

by / RP 013 (Spring 1976) / Article