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Figures of interpellation in Althusser and Fanon

by / RP 173 (May/Jun 2012) / Article

The text that Althusser published in 1970 under the title ‘Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses’, where he puts forward the thesis of the individual’s interpellation as subject, is no doubt one of his most innovative, but it is also particularly disconcerting: its exposition, in exploiting a rhetoric that combines ellipses and brute force, winds up …

From the Archive: Rancière, Althusser and Ideology

by / 2011 / Web Content

The first English translation of Jacques Rancière’s 1969 essay ‘On the Theory of Ideology’ (drafted for an anthology on Althusser published in Argentina) was published in Radical Philosophy 7 (Spring 1974). This translation was based on the French version that first appeared in 1973, and included Rancière’s Afterword and the self-critical footnotes, indicating his reservations …

What is living and what is dead in Swedish social democracy?

by / RP 117 (Jan/Feb 2003) / Article

Surveillance and class in Big Brother

by / RP 117 (Jan/Feb 2003) / Article

Cracking the cultural code

Methodological reflections on Kracauer’s ‘The Mass Ornament’
by / RP 099 (Jan/Feb 2000) / Article

Étienne Balibar

Conjectures and conjunctures
by and / RP 097 (Sep/Oct 1999) / Interview

Globalization is ordinary

The transnationalization of cultural studies
by / RP 090 (Jul/Aug 1998) / Article

Stuart Hall

Culture and Power
by , and / RP 086 (Nov/Dec 1997) / Interview

RP: How would you describe the current state of cultural studies in Britain in relation to its past?

Hall: Itʼs a question of how far back you want to go, because everybody has a narrative about this and everybodyʼs narrative is different. There was certainly something distinctive about the founding moment in the 1960s, but …

Feminist activism and presidential politics

Theorizing the costs of the ‘insider strategy’
by / RP 083 (May/Jun 1997) / Article

Conservatism, Ideology, Rationale, and a Red Light

by / RP 061 (Summer 1992) / Commentary

Knowledge as a Social Phenomenon

by / RP 052 (Summer 1989) / Article

Dull Compulsion of the Economic

The Dominant Ideology and Social Reproduction
by / RP 049 (Summer 1988) / Article

John Rawls and Human Welfare

by / RP 049 (Summer 1988) / Article

Ideology and the Media: A Response

by / RP 048 (Spring 1988) / Commentary

Mass Media Studies and the Question of Ideology

by / RP 046 (Summer 1987) / Article

The Frankfurt School and the Problem of Critique

A Reply to McCarney
by and / RP 045 (Spring 1987) / Article

What Makes Critical Theory Critical?

by / RP 042 (Winter/Spring 1986) / Article

Milton Fisk, Marxism and Ethics

by / RP 036 (Spring 1984) / Article

What is Scientific Ideology?

With an Introduction by Mike Shortland
by and / RP 029 (Autumn 1981) / Article

Ideology as Commonsense

The Case of British Conservatism
by / RP 025 (Summer 1980) / Commentary

British conservatism has been a spectacularly successful ideology. The Tory party has  established itself as a particularly resilient vehicle by conveying the ideas and interests of the British ruling class for three hundred years. In doing so, it has provided ideological shelter to different forms of property ownership by withstanding the strains of …