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What is a problematic?

Dossier: Bachelard and the Concept of Problematic
by / RP 173 (May/Jun 2012) / Article, Bachelard and the Concept of Problematic, Dossier

Gaston Bachelard’s 1949 book, Le Rationalisme appliqué (RA; best translated as Reason Applied), is essential to an understanding of his work, and Bachelard is essential to an understanding of twentieth-century French philosophy. That this book has never been translated into English shows how little the anglophone world is yet acquainted with some key aspects of this corpus. …

What does Bachelard mean by rationalisme appliqué?

Dossier: Bachelard and the Concept of Problematic
by / RP 173 (May/Jun 2012) / Article, Bachelard and the Concept of Problematic, Dossier

While Bachelard’s Rationalisme appliqué can readily be translated as Applied Rationalism, neither the French nor the English are very revealing of the position being advocated. In particular one would be led very far astray if one were to think of rationalism as a philosophical position which suggests that knowledge can be logically deduced from first principles that …

Corrationalism and the problematic

Dossier: Bachelard and the Concept of Problematic
by / RP 173 (May/Jun 2012) / Article, Bachelard and the Concept of Problematic, Dossier

If the fear of being accused of psychologism were not so keenly felt by epistemologists they would no doubt pay more attention to the problem of the acquisition of ideas.* They would then notice that to each new idea there remains attached a perspective of acquisition, an approach structure which develops in a …

Pirate Radical Philosophy

by / RP 173 (May/Jun 2012) / Commentary

Pirate … from the Latin pirata (-ae; pirate)… transliteration of the Greek piratis (pirate; πειρατής) from the verb pirao (make an attempt, try, test, get experience, endeavour, attack; πειράω). … In modern Greek… piragma: teasing [πείραγμα] …pirazo: tease, give trouble [πειράζω].1

Much has been written about the ‘crisis of capitalism’ and the associated events known, …

Student problems (1964)

Dossier: The Althusser–Rancière Controversy (with an introduction by Warren Montag)
by / RP 170 (Nov/Dec 2011) / Article, Dossier, The Althusser–Rancière Controversy

What are the theoretical principles of Marxism that should and can come into play in the scientific analysis of the university milieu to which students, along with teachers, research workers and administrators, belong?* Essentially, the Marxist concepts of the technical and social divisions of labour. Marx applied these principles in the analysis of …

Vocabulary of European Philosophies, Part 2 (Object)

by , , and / RP 139 (Sep/Oct 2006) / Article


Gegenstand/Objekt Dominique Pradelle

Object Olivier Boulnois

Res Jean-François Courtine

England, whose England?

by / RP 134 (Nov/Dec 2005) / Commentary

Revealing the Truth of Art

by / RP 058 (Summer 1991) / Article

Feminism, Humanism and Postmodernism

by / RP 055 (Summer 1990) / Article

Knowledge as a Social Phenomenon

by / RP 052 (Summer 1989) / Article

The Return of the Subject in late Foucault

by / RP 051 (Spring 1989) / Article

Women and the High Priests of Reason

by / RP 034 (Summer 1983) / Article

Edifying Discourses

A review of Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature
by / RP 032 (Autumn 1982) / Article

Scientific Explanation and Human Emancipation

by / RP 026 (Autumn 1980) / Article

Scientific Socialism

A Positivist Delusion?
by / RP 023 (Winter 1979) / Extras

Althusser’s epistemology

The limits of the theory of theoretical practice
by / RP 019 (Spring 1978) / Article

‘Let us say that public positions must always be judged against the system of positions actually held and against the effects they produce’ – Althusser, Essays in Self-Criticism (p115)


The settling of accounts with ‘Althusserianism’ has been on the order of the day for some time now. The recent publication of Essays in Self-Criticism, however, makes available …

What Are the Aims of Science?

by / RP 013 (Spring 1976) / Article

How to Defend Society Against Science

by / RP 011 (Summer 1975) / Article

Jospeh Dietzgen

by / RP 010 (Spring 1975) / Article

Rancière and Althusser

by / RP 010 (Spring 1975) / Extras

Rancière’s critique of Althusser and Ted Benton’s comments (RP 7 and RP 9 respectively) raise fundamental problems about the nature of theoretical debate in addition to fundamental problems at the level of theory itself. I take Benton to be presenting a defence of a more or less orthodox Althusserian position and the following points …