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Surplus consciousness

Houellebecq’s novels of ideas
by / RP 126 (Jul/Aug 2004) / Article

Will the real Kant please stand up

The challenge of Enlightenment racism to the study of the history of philosophy
by / RP 117 (Jan/Feb 2003) / Article

The poor against the poor?

Race, class and anti-fascism
by and / RP 112 (Mar/Apr 2002) / Article

Fanon, phenomenology, race

by / RP 095 (May/Jun 1999) / Article

ʻThe black man is not. Nor the white.ʼ1 Thus Fanon in the concluding section of Peau noire, masques blancs (1952), in my translation. It is quite impossible to work with the existing versions, the most obvious index of that impossibility being the unfortunate decision to translate the title of Chapter 5 as ʻThe Fact of …

Philosophy and race

by / RP 095 (May/Jun 1999) / Editorial

Towards a phenomenology of racial embodiment

by / RP 095 (May/Jun 1999) / Article

When one realizes the indeterminacy of racial categories, their fluid borders and cultural variety, it is often tempting to adopt a nominalism about race: that race is no more real than phlogiston or witchcraft. In this essay, I resist this conclusion primarily on phenomenological grounds. Race is real, certainly more real than phlogiston, though like …

Empire and I: Terra Incognita, Pitshanger Manor and Gallery, London, 22 January–13 March 1999

by / RP 095 (May/Jun 1999) / Conference Report

Blindspot on race

by / RP 091 (Sep/Oct 1998) / Extras

Globalization is ordinary

The transnationalization of cultural studies
by / RP 090 (Jul/Aug 1998) / Article

Out of Africa

Philosophy, ‘race’ and agency
by / RP 089 (May/Jun 1998) / Article

Philosophy and racial identity

by / RP 075 (Jan/Feb 1996) / Article

Cornel West

American Radicalism
by and / RP 071 (May/Jun 1995) / Interview

Black Socrates?

Questioning the philosophical tradition
by / RP 069 (Jan/Feb 1995) / Article

New Racism . . . New Realism

Two Sides of the Same Coin
by / RP 037 (Summer 1984) / Article

Empiricism and Racism

by / RP 033 (Spring 1983) / Article