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Orientalisms in the interpretation of Islamic philosophy

by / RP 135 (Jan/Feb 2006) / Article

Towards a phenomenology of racial embodiment

by / RP 095 (May/Jun 1999) / Article

When one realizes the indeterminacy of racial categories, their fluid borders and cultural variety, it is often tempting to adopt a nominalism about race: that race is no more real than phlogiston or witchcraft. In this essay, I resist this conclusion primarily on phenomenological grounds. Race is real, certainly more real than phlogiston, though like …


Sokal, science and the police
by / RP 088 (Mar/Apr 1998) / Commentary

Goods and life-forms

Relativism in Charles Taylor's political philosophy
by / RP 071 (May/Jun 1995) / Article

Truth and Relativity: An Exchange

1. Sean Sayers' Relativism; 2. Once more on Relative Truth: A Reply to Skillen
by and / RP 064 (Summer 1993) / Article

F. H. Bradley and the Concept of Relative Truth

by / RP 059 (Autumn 1991) / Article

Beyond Objectivism and Relativism

by / RP 047 (Autumn 1987) / Article

Post-Marxist Modes of Production

by / RP 020 (Summer 1978) / Article

According to whoever wrote the editorial ‘notes’ for Radical Philosophy 17, ‘the present upsurge of fundamental Marxist researches may indicate an exit route from the circle of philosophy’s deaths and re births, via which the problem of the specificity of “the philosophical” might be both subverted and understood’. And according to Graham Burchell in Radical Philosophy 18, …

Science, Social Science and Socialist Science

Reason as Dialectic
by / RP 015 (Autumn 1976) / Article

Is Philosophy Really Necessary?

by / RP 003 (Winter 1972) / Commentary

On seeing Things Differently

With reply by Tony Skillen
by and / RP 001 (Spring 1972) / Article