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Contributor Archive: Julian Cowley

90 Reviews

by , , , , , and / RP 090 (Jul/Aug 1998) / Reviews

Sheila Rowbotham, A Century of Women: The History of Women in Britain and the United States Gillian Scott

Simon Critchley, Very Little… Almost Nothing: Death, Philosophy, Literature Andrew Bowie

Karl Löwith, Nietzscheʼs Philosophy of the Eternal Recurrence of the Same Stuart Elden

Peter Wilkin, Noam Chomsky: On Power, Knowledge and Human Nature Robert F. Barsky, Noam Chomsky: A Life of …

83 Reviews

by , , , , , , and / RP 083 (May/Jun 1997) / Reviews

Michael J. Sandel, Democracyʼs Discontent Avishai Margalit, The Decent Society David Archard

John R. Searle, The Construction of Social Reality Kevin Magill

John Keane, Reflections on Violence Anthony Arblaster

Kevin Anderson, Lenin, Hegel and Western Marxism Michael Löwy

Richard J. Bernstein, Hannah Arendt and the Jewish Question Anne Seller

Maurice Blanchot, The Most High Julian …

78 Reviews

by , , , , , , , , , , , , and / RP 078 (Jul/Aug 1996) / Reviews

Elizabeth Grosz, Volatile Bodies Rosalyn Diprose, The Bodies of Women Rosi Braidotti, Nomadic Subjects Lois McNay

Justin Rosenberg, The Empire of Civil Society Fred Halliday

Alex Callinicos, Theories and Narratives Michael Löwy

John McDowell, Mind and World Simon Glendinning

Kristin Ross, Fast Cars, Clean Bodies David Macey

Jose Brunner, Freud and the Politics of Psychoanalysis

70 Reviews

by , , , , , , , , , , , , and / RP 070 (Mar/Apr 1995) / Reviews

Daniel Bell, Communitarianism and its Critics Stephen Holmes, The Anatomy of Antiliberalism Alasdair Maclntyre

Jean-Paul Sartre, Notebooks for an Ethics H.W. Wardman, Jean-Paul Sartre: The Evolution of his Thought and Art Andrew Dobson, Jean-Paul Sartre and the Politics of Reason David Macey

Philip Barker, Michel Foucault: Subversions of the Subject Caroline Ramazanoglu, ed., Up Against …